Silo Transport

Hurkmans Transport BV provides transportation of dry powdered and granulated materials. Our large customer base consists of cement factories, concrete mixing plants, concrete product factories and other manufacturers, traders and consumers of dry powdered and granulated silo materials.

For our customers, we transport products ranging from binders and fillers such as limestone powder, cement, sand, bentonite and mortars.

In addition to our transport services, we offer value added logistics services such as storage, transhipment and blending. Read more about the value additional logistics here.

Our fleet for silo transportation consists of non-tipping and tipping silo semi-trailers with a volume ranging from 36m³ to 62m³. The vehicles are suitable for transportation of dry powdered and granulated bulk products. Our tractors are equipped with silent air compressors to keep noise to a minimum during discharging.

Non tipping silo trailers Onderlosser

The non tipping silo trailers are very suitable for transporting building materials with a low weight density such as cement, limestone powder, filler, slag and anhydrite. Hurkmans Transport BV has extensive experience with silo transport and guarantees a reliable delivery

Tipping silo trailers

Tipping silo trailers are used for transportation of various materials that either are voluminous or for products that require pre cleaned trucks in order to avoid product contamination. The cleaning is done both by approved cleaning stations and by our own people. In this way we ensure the desired quality.

For more information about silo transport, please call, mail us or fill out the form on this website. We will contact you soon.